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Turn photo into a cartoon using Gimp

Turn photo into a cartoon using Gimp

  1. Make a copy of your photo.
  2. Scale it down to the size you wish to use ( Image -> Scale )
  3. Copy the background layer ( Dialogs -> Layers -> Duplicate Layer [duplicate layer is the button on the bottom with the two sheets of paper] )
  4. Gaussian Blur top layer ( Filters -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur [I use 8 px ] )
  5. Divide Layers ( Go to your Layers Dialog and under the Mode drop list select Divide )
  6. Flatten Image ( Layer -> Merge Down )
  7. Apply Cartoon filter ( Go to Filters -> Artistic -> Cartoon and play with the settings till you are happy with the preview, then hit OK )
  8. One thing that makes cartoon drawings stand out from other drawings is the heavy use of black lines. Every wall, all the items in a room are given dark black outlines in a cartoon.

Pencil Drawing

Pencil Drawing

1 Open any photo you like.

· 2 Duplicate the background layer. On the duplicate: remove the colors by using the Colors / Hue-Saturation. Set the saturation to -100:

· 3 Duplicate this colorless layer again. Now you have 3 layers.

· 4 Now choose Filters / Blur / Selective Gaussian Blur, value: 4. Then use Colors / Invert. Then change the opacity of the layer to 50% to get a gray layer that shows the photo’s edges very weak.

· 5 Merge the layer with the layer down: right-click the layer in the Layers window and choose “Merge Down”.

· 6 Duplicate the now merged layer and change the new layer’s mode to “Dodge”.

· 7 If you want to point out the grey lines some more, you can do so as follows:

  • 8 Merge the two gray layers so that you can find the line drawing on a single layer.
  • 9 Duplicate the layer again and change its mode to “Multiply”.
  • 10 Repeat this step as often as you like (until the width of the lines is OK).

Now the pencil drawing is finished!

How to make a speech bubble in GIMP

How to make a speech bubble in GIMP

  1. First of all open any image and create a new ‘layer’ and add it to your image.
  2. Click on the transparency and then click ‘ok’.
  3. From the right menu bar choose the ‘elliptical’ icon to make a round balloon.
  4. Select the 'free select tool' and select ‘mode’ to 'add to current selection' and then draw a triangle with the base inside the previous balloon and the pointed end outside the balloon.
  5. Select the 'bucket fill' tool and make sure your ‘background’ color is selected as white and the 'affected area' as ‘fill whole selection’.
  6. Click inside the text balloon where it immediately changes into white color.
  7. To make a black border, go to 'select' from the top menu and from the drop down select the 'to path'.
  8. Again go to 'select' and check 'none'.
  9. Go to 'edit' and click on 'stroke path' and then from the side menu click the ‘background’ color to make it black.
  10. In the stroke path menu select line width as 4 and then select ‘stroke’.
  11. This way the black border gets drawn.
  12. Hide this layer and make a new layer and with the same settings.
  13. Repeat the process but choose a rectangular text balloon but with round corners. That’s it.

Create a realistic wall impression painting

Create a realistic wall impression painting

  1. Open a background image in Gimp.
  2. Now open the foreground image in another layer in the same window. Try Drag-Drop.
  3. Go to "Mode" in Layer window and select "Burn" mode.
  4. Open Colors>>Colorize and set values Hue:0 Saturation:0 and Lightness: 30.
  5. Repeat 1 to 4 for the Background image

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